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Robo-Advisors are a class of financial adviser
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Signup Options

The following are a few options available to potential Axos Invest clients. Remember, you can open an account and fund your portfolio with $1.00. You can test various asset allocation models until you are comfortable with your selected strategy, and then fund your portfolio with whatever you wish. If you prefer to start with a small deposit and make monthly deposits, you may do so. This method is traditionally referred to as "dollar cost averaging". Although $1.00 is the minimum investment for a Axos Invest account,$10.00 as a minimum with monthly deposits of $100 for this type of investing would be more functional for observing profit and losses for the various asset classes. With a $10 minimum deposit and monthly deposits,your investment will include a complete portfolio spread across 9 asset classes worldwide with automatic dividend reinvestment, and auto balancing of your account.

Signing up for a free account from this website will automatically qualify you to receive a bonus. The owner of this website will also receive the same bonus amount.

Be informed that if you accept the bonus, you should stay invested with Axos Invest for 6 months minimum or the bonus may be rescinded and deducted from your holdings. This requirement is valid even if you open an account with $1.00.

So, there is no minimum deposit to open an account. You can deposit as little as $1.00 and watch your $1.00 spread across hundreds of companies in 9 asset classes.

  • Signup, it's Free, No Funds Required. No fees to be paid.
  • Signup and make a minimum deposit of $1.00 and check out the portfolio performance based on your own allocation. No fees to be paid.
  • Signup and make a minimum investment of $10 plus transfer 100/month to your account and start building your portfolio. No fees to be paid.
  • Signup from this website and we both receive a bonus.

Thought for the Day - Signup! It's Free! No Fees! Bonus Included!

Signup Process

The signup process is easy and takes approximately five minutes. During the process, you respond to a series of short questions about your investment needs. A slide bar is presented allowing you to set your preferred asset allocation (i.e., 60% stocks with 40% bonds).. Once the choices are selected, you then link your personal checking account. Money can be transferred into the Axos Invest account whenever you desire or can be setup for an automated recurring deposit. After money is transferred into the account, Axos Invest automatically purchases exchange traded funds (ETFs). The purchases are made based on your asset allocations. Your investments are very liquid and selling your investments is also simple. Axos Invest performs the sell trades for you. Any dividends earned are automatically reinvested.

Management Fees

A word about Axos Invest fees and commissions.

There are none.

There is an optional Tax Loss Harvesting fee (.24% annually paid monthly capped at $20/month) if your wish to implement this service for your portfolio.

See below to get an idea on how little this really costs:
  • $1,000 investment would cost $.20/month
  • $5,000 investment would cost $1.00/month
  • $10,000 investment would cost $2.00/month
  • $1,000,000 investment would cost $20/month
Please re-read the section on Harvesting for guidance on whether this service is for you.

signup linkClick this button to enter the Axos Invest website to reveal your bonus, and to signup.

Axos Invest ETF Portfolio
  • Total Stock Market
  • Emerging Market Stock
  • International Developed Stock
  • US Corporate Bond
  • TIPS Bond
  • Short Term Corporate Bond
  • Intermediate Term Govt Bond
  • Short Term Govt Bond
Fees and Expense Ratios

Axos Invest does not charge any fees.
Axos Invest does charge an optional fee to implement tax loss harvesting on your portfolio if you request this service.
ETFs have an expense ratio that range from .05%-.2% depending on your allocation - this is about 15 cents for every $100 you invest), which you would pay no matter where or when you purchased these ETFs.

Rest assured, Axos Invest offers ETFs with some of the lowest fees available.

Accounts and Rollovers

Axos Invest can open or transfer the following types of accounts:

  • Taxable Investment Accounts
  • Roth IRA
  • Traditional IRA
Axos Invest is an SEC registered investment and securities advisor with all securities in customer accounts protected up to $500,000 by the SIPC.

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