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Robo-Advisors are a class of financial adviser
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The Actual Investments

So what are you getting when you invest with Axos Invest? You’re getting a well diversified portfolio that contains passively managed exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”). The funds held with Axos Invest have an average expense ratio fund fee of 0.12% – the fee everyone pays to the fund family. The funds expense ratio is shown below for each ETF in the portfolio.

Click on the market symbols below to review the actual ETFs' in the portfolio.

Stock ETFs

The portfolio includes stock ETFs that efficiently capture the broad stock market, and international developed and emerging markets. Your money is invested in literally hundreds of companies instantly. Exactly how much of your portfolio is made up of which stocks depends on the exact allocation you choose. The stock ETFs are shown as follows with their respective expense ratios:

  • VTI Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF: .05%
  • VEA Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets ETF: .09%
  • VWO Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF: .15%

By adding international stocks, there is a benefit from growth overseas in developed markets, including the U.K., Japan, and Europe, and achieve the same expected return with lower risk. With the emerging market stock ETF, you can capture growth in small but expanding markets such as Brazil, India, and China. This further diversifies the portfolio, and means you can reach higher expected return levels, especially at higher risk allocations.

Bond ETFs

The portfolio includes bond ETFs to precisely manage the level of risk at every allocation, and improve the risk-adjusted performance of the portfolio at higher risk levels. The exact amounts of each bond ETF will depend on the allocation you choose. The bond ETFs are shown as follows with their respective expense ratios:

  • VCSH Vanguard Short Term Corp Bond ETF: .12%
  • LQD iShares iBoxx Investment Grade Corp Bonds ETF: .15%
  • VGIT Vanguard Intermediate Term Govt Bond ETF: .12%
  • VGSH Vanguard Short Term Govt Bond ETF: .12%
  • TIPS iShares TIPS Bond ETF: .2%
  • VNQ Vanguard REIT ETF: .10%
These bond ETFs permit a precise level of risk, and then obtain the best possible return at that level of risk by balancing four different growth factors:
  • U.S. interest rate risk
  • U.S. company credit risk
  • International interest rate risk
  • International credit risk
REITS are categorized and included as bonds in this portfolio for dividend and income purposes. Taking on a higher exposure to any of these factors means higher expected returns with higher potential for short-term losses. However, by blending them together intelligently, the return level is maintained and the severity of losses reduced.
Axos Invest ETF Portfolio
  • Total Stock Market
  • Emerging Market Stock
  • International Developed Stock
  • US Corporate Bond
  • TIPS Bond
  • Short Term Corporate Bond
  • Intermediate Term Govt Bond
  • Short Term Govt Bond
Fees and Expense Ratios

Axos Invest does not charge any fees.
Axos Invest does charge an optional fee to implement tax loss harvesting on your portfolio if you request this service.
ETFs have an expense ratio that range from .05%-.2% depending on your allocation - this is about 15 cents for every $100 you invest), which you would pay no matter where or when you purchased these ETFs.

Rest assured, Axos Invest offers ETFs with some of the lowest fees available.

Accounts and Rollovers

Axos Invest can open or transfer the following types of accounts:

  • Taxable Investment Accounts
  • Roth IRA
  • Traditional IRA
Axos Invest is an SEC registered investment and securities advisor with all securities in customer accounts protected up to $500,000 by the SIPC.

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